Monday, May 7, 2012

I learned many things about the nature of the King James Bible.

The King James Bible and the Restoration

I found this book a very interesting read. I learned many things about the nature of the King James Bible.
I learned that the translators intentionally used archaic language, even for their time, to make the bible appear more scriptural, and that new words such as Atonement had to be coined to translate the Bible into English.  I also discovered that the phrase “original Greek” on the first page of the Bible referred to multiple incomplete manuscripts that left some passages in question. I also found that some phrases or verses may have been added to clarify the meaning of some concepts. One of those is the last verses of Revelations 22:16-21 that states in part ”if any man shall add unto these things… ” that was found in the Latin Vulgate but not in the Greek manuscripts. It is Ironic that someone would add these words prohibiting adding to the text that follow along the lines of Deuteronomy 4:2.

This book also, as the title suggests talks about how the King James Bible influenced Joseph Smith’s search for the truth and the language that he spoke and wrote. And it also reviews some of the newer translations and scholarship that has brought to light more information that was not available to the translators of the King James Version. It was interesting to learn how that English and other languages at one time did not have punctuation and how the Bible came to have punctuation, chapters and verses and also how the LDS Version of the King James Bible came to be.


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In 2011, the King James translation of the Bible celebrates its four-hundredth anniversary. This historic text, the product of many hands and many years, has had a greater impact on the world than any other book in the English language. It is still in print today, four centuries after it first came off the London presses. The King James Bible and the Restoration, however, is not solely about the history of the King James Bible and its contributions to the world; it also sheds light on the intersection of the King James translation and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It sho... (Read More)

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