Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Adventurers Wanted

M. L. Forman

List Price $18.99 (Check our Price)

Book One Slathbog's Gold  now in paperback $7.99

The land of Norsland is on the brink of war as two men have each claimed the throne. Only the true king can sound the Horn of Moran and prove his nobility. But the horn has been lost for years. If it is not found - and soon - it could mean the destruction of an entire nation. Young Alexander Taylor joins a band of seasoned adventurers who have been called up to retrieve the legendary Horn of Moran. Their journey to the mysterious Tower of the Moon will take them through an enchanted forest, into battle against a goblin army, past the watchful eyes of griffin guards, and face-to-face with a sp... (Read More)

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