Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tin Scripture Tote

Tin Scripture Tote-Ladybugs and Butterflies

List Price $9.99

Scripture power has never been so much fun! These stylishly adorable  tin scripture totes are sure to start a new fashion trend in your ward. And since they're large enough to fit all four standard works with room to spare, you'll be able to free up some room in your own overstuffed church bag. The sturdy design is a perfect way to protect your child's scriptures, and with four different designs to choose from, you'll find something to please everyone! ... (More designs)

Replace a handful of pens or crayons with just one!

Scripture Marker List Price $7.99 Check Our Price

Help your primary children and young women find joy in studying the scriptures with the Diddly Doodle Scripture Marking Pen. With 8 different colors combined into one giant pen, your children and young women will love using these sparkly inks to mark the scriptures. Glitter ink colors include silver, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, pink, and gold.

  • pen with glitter ink

  • Crayon

  • CTR 

  • Baptism

  • Young Women

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who is your hero? Great posters to decorate your space

Now in stock 11 x 17 posters and cards - Heroes from the Bible, Book of Mormon,  American History

Ruth's Loyalty 11"" x 17"  List Price $5.95

by Nethercott.Steve

Each Poster Has The Following Features

 - High resolution print

- Quotes from the scriptures

- Dates the scripture events

- Amazing detail

- Quality paper

- Stunning with or without a frame

Available in  24" x 36"  or  11" x 17"  or 3" x 4.5" set of 12 ... (Get the whole set )

Presidents Monson's Biography

Swinton, Heidi S.
Hardcover  List Price $34.99 Our Price $27.99 Save 20% through this weekend

To the Rescue is the much-anticipated official biography of President Thomas S. Monson. Beginning with President Monson's family heritage and his early years in Salt Lake City, it included his vocational preparation and his career in the world of journalism. More important, this inspiring book recounts his lifetime of Church service. Called as a bishop at the age of twenty-two, as a mission president at thirty-one, and as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve at age thirty-six, he has traveled the globe to minister to the Saints for more than fifty years. This book shares many of his personal ... (Read More)