Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shandra Covington Mystery series now in paperback

A Time to Die: A Shandra Covington Mystery

Jeffrey S. Savage
Paperback  List Price $15.99
When reporter Shandra Covington finds her best friend, Bobby Richter, close to death on Shandra?s apartment floor, she knows the bullet was meant for her. Making matters worse, Bobby's fiance is making sure Shandra gets nowhere near the hospital room where Bobby lies in a coma. With her apartment in shambles and possibly still dangerous, Shandra is forced to stay with her tough-as-nails Harley-riding private investigator friend. In an attempt to clear her mind, Shandra agrees to do a newspaper story on the death of a prominent politician's daughter. But what she thought was a simple overd ... (Read More)

Jeffrey S. Savage
Paperback List Price $16.99
Shandra Covington simply assumed her grandmother's house was sold after she hastily moved in with Shandra and her mother two decades ago. Yet, here it was, deeded to Shandra in her grandmother's will. Shandra, single, aggressive, and an accomplished journalist, has tender memories of the time spent as a young girl in the old house on the hill, and her curiosity and sentimentality lead her to a final visit of the forgotten home. What she discovers shocks Shandra to her very core. Not only is the house still filled with her grandmother's old belongings, but there is also a body, long since dead ... (Read More)

Jeffrey S. Savage
Paperback List Price $15.99

"Curiosity can be a curse, and just like the proverbial cat, feisty Shandra Covington could soon end up dead.. As a newspaper reporter, Shandra meets unusual people every day. But Pinky Templeton is the first one who has claimed, quite vocally, to be dead! She would just ignore him as another nut case, except life-threatening events are happening to those close to her. And Pinky seems to be involved--although the official records show he did die in 1957.Now that he's gone and died again, Shandra feels she must find out the truth--even if her friend, police officer Bobby Richter, doesn't want ... (Read More)

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