Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anita Stansfield's latest in stock

Dickens Inn, vol. 2: A Far, Far Better Place
Paperback $16.99
Jackson didn't know how long it was before he finally realized that he was in the hospital, and it was Dr. Callahan on the floor with him, trying to talk some sense into him. Once the realization hit him, he struggled to bring himself back to reality while his breathing and heart rate remained shallow and fast for more minutes than he could count. . . . He felt more afraid than he'd dared to admit. . . . Their lives have all the ingredients for "happily-ever-after" until a traumatic and life-changing event in Jackson' s life plunges his family into chaos and sorrow. His mother's unexpected death hurtles him toward a painful pilgrimage into a past that collides with the anguish of the present and threatens to destroy his family's future. Bestselling LDS author Anita Stansfield is a gifted writer with an unerring knack for storytelling. This compelling sequel to The Best of Times is a story of one family

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