Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What the Scriptures Teach Us about Prosperity

What the Scriptures Teach Us about Prosperity

S. Michael Wilcox

Hardcover $19.99

Can you be rich and righteous? Worthy and wealthy? And ifthe answer is no, why do the scriptures teach that God wants us to have in abundance (D&C 49:19)?Matters concerning money are an inescapable part of life,no matter what income level we are presently at or hope toachieve. Money can be a great motivator, but money problemsare the number-one divider of family unity. Because moneyis such an important part of our mortal test, and because so much unhappiness and misery is caused by not using ourresources properly, it is not at all surprising that the Lord hasfilled the scriptures with counsel on this important topic.By heeding His guidance and mastering His lessons, we can anticipate greater security and happiness in our financialendeavors as well as healthier family relationships. In thistimely and insightful new book, author S. Michael Wilcoxhelps us discover what the Lord wants us to know about therole of money in our lives.

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