Saturday, January 23, 2010

The next Culinary Mystery Arriving Tuesday

Devil's Food Cake: A Culinary Mystery

Josi Kilpack

Paperback $17.88

It's been years since author Thom Mortenson has been back to Garrison, Colorado. As part of the committee who invited the bestselling writer to speak at the library fundraising benefit, Sadie Hoffmiller wants everything to be perfect' right down to the homemade devil's food cake she baked herself. Certainly, murder was not on the menu.When Thom's manager ends up dead on stage, Sadie jumps into offer her guidance and expertise to investigators. But whenthe police refuse to take her seriously, Sadie has no choicebut to pursue justice on her own. After all, is Sadie to blameif she keeps stumbling over information? Can Sadie turn her back when people intricately woven into the deception keepcrossing her path? With her son, Shawn, at her side, her reputation on the line, and a full cast of suspicious characters,Sadie Hoffmiller is once again cooking her way through a case that offers far more questions than answers.

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