Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cookbook

Deanna Buxton
Worldwide Ward Christmas Cookbook Deanna Buxton Serve up a little comfort and joy with festive recipes, time-honored traditions, Christmas memories, and fun ideas gathered from the farthest corners of Mormondom. Plan an unforgettable holiday feast with delicious appetizers, mouth-watering main dishes, and savory side dishes. Or make the season a little sweeter with beautiful and tasty desserts, cookies, candies, and other giftable goodies. You’ll find comforting yuletide classics, family favorites from exotic places, breads, breakfasts, and more. And nearly all 313 of these simple and economical recipes are made from ingredients available in most local groceries, so you can delight your family and friends year after year. But perhaps your favorite part of this delightful book will be the stories behind the recipes—snippets that will bring a smile, and maybe even inspire you to start a few new family Christmas traditions. You won’t be able to resist using the Worldwide Ward Christmas Cookbook as your guide to an unforgettable Christmas season. Holiday comfort-food recipes from around the world and right next door 8.5” X 10.75”, 272 pages ISBN 978-1-59811-878-0

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