Thursday, November 5, 2009

latest from Truman G. Madson

The Sacrament: Feasting at the Lord's Table
Truman G. Madson
Paperback $14.95
Standing in an ancient limestone-walled room in Jerusalem, Elder David Haight recounts Christ's last week on earth. Then, pressing his finger to the author's chest with eyes bright, says, "We do not appreciate the sacrament enough. It happened. It is real. It is our access to the Savior."
This book is a collection of Truman Madsen's thoughts, with each page exploring a separate idea pertaining to the sacrament. Brother Madsen gives insights into the events surrounding the Last Supper, the Atonement, and the crucifixion. He discusses the sacrament provided to the Nephites by the Savior in Third Nephi. He focuses on the significance of the elements of the sacrament: the prayers, the emblems, and the manner in which this sacred ordinance is carried out today. Brother Madsen also shares personal recollections and accounts that help each of us to apply the meaning of the sacrament to our own lives. His thought-provoking ideas are sure to enlighten and inspire.

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