Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reflections of Christ: Another Testament

Hardcover $29.99 Coming next week !
What the world needs now more than ever is 3 Nephi.
Filmed at the Copan Ruins in Honduras, filmmaker Cameron Trejo creates a Book of Mormon documentary featuring the sacred events of Jesus Christ s visit to ancient America as found in 3 Nephi. This one-hour documentary features gospel scholars and professors of ancient scripture who discuss and help interpret doctrinal accounts of Christ s ministry among the people of Nephi. Interviews include John W. Welch, Camille Fronk Olsen, and Dennis R. Deaton. In addition, photographer Mark Mabry shares his unique insights and the spiritually-charged experiences that were felt upon recreating the events portrayed in 3 Nephi chapters 9 through 27.

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