Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amanda Dickson's new book

Change It Up: Looking Differently at the Change You Want and the Change You Don't
Amanda Dickson
Hardcover $18.99
Why do we love the change we choose (think makeovers and remodeling), but not the change that’s chosen for us? Why do we limit ourselves to embracing only the changes we are wise enough to give ourselves?
Change can be scary. It can even be painful. Change takes us out of our comfort zone and moves us somewhere we haven’t been before. So how do we embrace it? How do we experience it without so much pain and maybe even with a little pleasure? Author and popular radio personality Amanda Dickson offers simple suggestions for integrating change in our lives. Included are tips for making easy changes that will help us get comfortable with the concept of change, suggestions for looking at our lives in new ways, and liberating perspectives on the changes we get to choose. For anyone struggling with change— or fearful of change— this book provides practical ideas to make that change easier.

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