Thursday, September 17, 2009

New book by the Author of The Peacegiver and Holy Secret

The Hidden Christ: Beneath the Surface of the Old Testament
James L. Ferrell
Hardback $29.95 introductory price $27.99

If you're like me, Jim Ferrell writes, you are afraid of the Old Testament. But surprising rewards lie ready to be discovered by anyone who picks up this frequently avoided book and begins to ask it questions. The Hidden Christ is an account of the author s journey to discover the powerful messages about the gospel and life that lie hidden just below the surface of the scriptural stories. When we learn to ask questions that take us deeper into the Old Testament, it will open up to reveal a wonderland of inspiring truth and practical insight. This volume provides a fresh road map to understanding the original testament and to a treasure trove of insights that center on Christ and on the plan of salvation.

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