Monday, September 28, 2009

The Joseph Smith Papers DVD

The Joseph Smith Papers: TV Documentary Series Season 1
DVD $49.99

SAVE $ 40.00 - Purchase this DVD for only $ 9.99

with purchase of both Joseph Smith Papers Hardcover editions.


The Joseph Smith Papers, Journals Vol. 1: 1832-1839
The Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations and Translations, Volume 1

The Joseph Smith Papers Project is illuminating the Prophet Joseph and the Restoration in exciting new ways. In this series, Larry H. Miller and KJZZ Television have partnered with the Church History Department and a variety of prominent scholars to discuss the project, the documents, and the life and work of Joseph Smith. This DVD set contains all 52 episodes from the much-requested television documentary series as seen on KJZZ Television. In each episode, scholars tell the story of Joseph Smith using historic documents to illustrate his life, many of them the very text that compose the volumes of The Joseph Smith Papers. A one-hour introduction that explains the ambitious effort to compile, transcribe, edit, and present all the papers directly related to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Commentary by historians and experts on Joseph Smith, including the compilers of The Joseph Smith Papers, Journals, Vol.1 A comprehensive Topical Index

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