Friday, August 14, 2009

Women of the Old Testament

Women of the Old Testament
Camille Fronk Olsen & Elspeth Young
Hardcover $39.95

From the beginning, women have been at the very heart of God s plan. Women of the Old Testament focuses on some of these remarkable women whose struggles and life situations are not unlike our own. No two are the same. Some are affluent; others live in poverty. Most are married, but some are single. Some are born in the lineage of the prophets, and others come from the cultures of the world. Some have children; others do not. Some make their contributions from within a loving and supportive marriage. Others bring about much good while being married to an absent, abusive, or unfaithful husband. All of them have challenges, but each one has a divine potential to contribute to the Lord's work.
Bestselling author Camille Fronk Olson brings these women to life, going beyond ... (more)

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