Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning from temple Symbols

Sacred Walls: Learning from temple Symbols
Gerald E. Hansen, Jr., Photography by Val Brinkerhoff
Hardback $27.95

Both books and buildings have voices. But rather than the letters of an alphabet, buildings use towers and spires, columns and buttresses, mosaics and paintings, glass and geometric figures, and statues and friezes to speak volumes. However, even though architectural symbolism existed before the written word, the message of a building is often difficult for most of us to recognize. For Latter-day Saints, temples are the most important and symbolic buildings in existence. Through temples the unique doctrines of the restored gospel are communicated. Although the bulk of this instruction occurs inside the temples, temple exteriors also tell of these profound doctrines when you understand how to read them. This unique and fascinating book is designed to help you see the House of the Lord with new eyes as you examine the voices of temple exteriors along with the voices of the Book of Mormon. Each chapter contains an examination of a sermon or vision in the Book of Mormon related to the temple. This is accompanied by a stunning photo essay of temple exteriors and enlightening commentary that examines the main symbolic motifs of a specific temple. As you learn how to read the messages hidden in plain sight, ... (more)

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