Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elder Gerald N. Lund's newest book.

The Undaunted: The Story of the Hole-in-the-rock Pioneers
Gerald N. Lund
Hardback $34.95 retail
Book on CD Coming soon $69.95
The journey was impossible. But they had no other choice.At the call of their prophet, they left well-established farms and businesses to strike out yet again into the untamed wilderness. A small band of men, women, and children formed the 1879 pioneer company.Their mission: stand as a buffer between lawlessness and civilization. Their road: only what they created themselves, blasting out a perilous trail over slick rock and through desolate cliffs. Their hearts: UNDAUNTEDWhen it comes to creating spellbinding historical fiction, nobody does it quite like Gerald N. Lund. In The Undaunted ... (more)

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