Sunday, June 7, 2009

Magnifying Priesthood Power

Magnifying Priesthood Power
Robert L. Millet
Paperback $13.99 Sale: $12.59
This inspirational and motivational book about the priesthood is penetrating in its depth and research. It is tremendous in its potential to shape lives for good.
Magnifying Priesthood Power explains the many aspects of priesthood power and authority, then examines the ways in which Latter-day Saints can utilize the full potential of the priesthood in their lives. Carefully researched, this book and brings together a wealth of information from the scriptures and from LDS Church history.
This must-have guide considers the nature of earthly and heavenly powers, many aspects of the oath and covenant of the priesthood, the relationship of foreordination to mortal priesthood callings, and the ways to magnify priesthood callings. It also discusses how to receive the Lord's servants and how to grow in the principle of revelation. Magnifying Priesthood Power is an essential resource for all priesthood holders.

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