Saturday, June 13, 2009

For Single Saints

For Single Saints
Mary Jane Woodger
CD $11.95
As a single Latter-day Saint, Mary Jane Woodger says she gets tired of all those people who tell singles to have hope because there is some wonderful singles ward in the spirit world where they will have access to all the babes and hunks from all dispensations. Or the single women who say they guess they ll just have to wait and marry one of the stripling warriors. (She has to remind them that the striplingwarriors didn t die. They went home after the battles and got married. They aren't available!) In this entertaining and thought-provoking talk for singles, Sister Woodgerspeaks about the crucial roles that faith, hope, prayer, and revelation have in theprocess of trying to find a mate. Using scriptures, insightful quotes, and fascinatingstories from the lives of the prophets in Church history, Sister Woodger illustrateskey principles on the topics of courtship and marriage. (more)

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