Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Day Gift

A Father's Blessing: The Power and Privilege of the Priesthood
Kenneth M. Page
Hardcover 6" X 9" Retail: $15.95
CD Retail: $17.95
As an Air Force pilot with twenty-five years of experience, Kenneth M. Page draws upon his knowledge of flying to create the Parable of the Beacon, in which he compares fathers' blessings to spiritual beacons. "A part of us yearns for things spiritual, for a sense of direction in life, for that heavenly beacon to guide us home."
Using personal experience, the experiences of others, and examples from scriptures and Church history, Kenneth Page reminds us how wondrous the gift of a father's blessing can be in the lives of his family members-children, spouse, and the priesthood holder as well.

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