Friday, April 24, 2009

One Man's Treasure

One Man's Treasure
A new assignment. A forgotten past. A mystery to solve.
When an enthusiastic group of missionaries were sent to revitalize missionary work in a suburb of Philadelphia, they knew it would be a challenge. But when a chance discovery of an old journal offers mysterious clues, the treasure hunt really begins. A story of faith and service, this film is perfect for your family library. Buy Now !
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lemon Tart: A Culinary Mystery

Lemon Tart: A Culinary Mystery
Josi Kilpack
A recipe for murder!
5 families living on Peregrine Circle
1 flowered curtain tieback
1 missing child
1 body in the field Mix with a long list of suspects and top with two very different detectives. Increase heat until only the truth remains.
Award-winning author Josi S. Kilpack introduces a new series of culinary "cozies" that is sure to tantalize mystery lovers. In this debut volume, cooking aficionado-turned-amateur detective, Sadie Hoffmiller, tries to solve the murder of Anne Lemmon, her beautiful young neighbor - a single mother who was mysteriously killed while a lemon tart was baking in her oven. At the heart of Sadie's search is Anne's missing two-year-old son, Trevor. Whoever took the child must be the murderer, but Sadie is certain that the police are looking at all the wrong suspects - including her!
Armed with a handful of her very best culinary masterpieces, Sadie is determined to bake her way to proving her innocence, rescuing Trevor, and finding out exactly who had a motive for murder. Learn More
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coming to DVD May 25th

Forever Strong
As on-field battles rage, hearts are challenged and loyalties are tried. Rick Penning must decide between the life he lived and a life that stands before him. With a national rugby championship on the line, will he learn the greatest victories are born in the heart?Rick (Sean Faris) is a star player on his dad's rugby team until a DUI lands him in a reformatory. While he's serving his sentence, tough rival coach Larry Gelwix (Gary Cole) allows him to play for his team, which helps Rick straighten up his act. Upon his release, however, Rick becomes a pariah to his former teammates and even his father when he refuses to divulge Gelwix's strategies. Sean Astin co-stars in this inspiring true story.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Five Thousand Year Leap

The Five Thousand Year Leap:
28 Great Ideas That Changed the World 30-year anniversary edition
W. Cleon Skousen Paperback
As recommended by radio and television host Glenn Beck, this book explains the five thousand year leap that was made by the Founding Fathers when they established the Constitution and set up the first free people in modern times. The Founders used 28 important principles in the establishment of the United States of America, and each of these principles is covered in detail in the book. How America became an economic powerhouse offering wealth to the average citizen! How the Federal Government was built to protect and safeguard citizen's rights! 28 Principles indisputably creating freedom & prosperity unlike any other! ... (more)

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Winners Never Cheat

Winners Never Cheat : Even In Difficult Times
Jon M. Huntsman Hardback

"Jon M. Huntsman built a 12 billion dollar company from scratch, the old fashioned way: with integrity. There were short term costs. There were moments when it took great courage. But, ultimately, it wasn't just right: it was the best business strategy, too. This book is about remembering why you work, and why you were chosen to lead. It's about finding the bravery to act on what you know is right and building teams with the same courage. This book is an antidote for a generation of corporate scandal and gives a star to steer by. Follow your own moral compass and live by standards you can be proud of. Think about the kind of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person! It's about winning. The right way. .. (more)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Real Story of America's Founders

The Real Thomas Jefferson
The true story of America's Philosopher of Freedom
Allison, Maxfield, Cook, Skousen paperback
As the English novelist Samuel Butler once noted, "Though God cannot alter the past, historians can." His observation is especially applicable to our changing perceptions of great historical personalities, most of whom are relentlessly "reinterpreted" by each new generation of biographers. It is doubtful whether many of these renowned characters of yesteryear would even recognize themselves in some of the publications devoted to them today. There is no better example of this kind of meta-morphosis than Thomas Jefferson, .. (more)
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The Real George Washington $24.95

The Real Benjamin Franklin $19.95

Recommended by Glenn Beck

The Making of America
The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen
The Making of America is about the world's greatest political success formula. In a little over a century, this formula allowed a small segment of the human family -- less than 6 percent -- to become the richest nation on earth. It allowed them to originate more than half of the world's total production and enjoy the highest standard of living in the history of the world.""But Americans have more to share than their wealth. They have the world's greatest political .. (more)

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Glenn Beck's New Book

An Inconvenient Book:
Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems
Have you ever wondered why some of the biggest problems we face, from illegal immigration to global warming to poverty, never seem to get fixed? The reason is simple: the solutions just aren't very convenient. Fortunately, radio and television host Glenn Beck doesn't care much about convenience; he cares about common sense. Take the issue of poverty, for example. Over the last forty years, America's ten poorest cities all had one simple thing in common, but self-serving politicians will never tell you what that is (or explain how easy it would be to change): Glenn Beck will (see chapter 20). Global warming is another issue .. (more)

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spiritually Anchored in Unsettled Times

Spiritually Anchored in Unsettled Times
Bruce C. Hafen

As the latter days grow later and later, opposition, complacency, and uncertainty can cloud our view and bog down our steps. Whether we are new converts or lifelong Church members, sincerely trying to follow Christ in today s fear-filled world can make us feel acutely aware of how far we have yet to go.
How, then, do we stand steady in such a world while continuing to move with surety toward the better world the Lord promises his true followers (see Ether 12:4)?
In this candid book full of personal stories and rich doctrine, Elder Bruce C. Hafen helps us think and feel in fresh, deep ways about faith, reason, and other elements of a well-anchored testimony one that will stabilize, orient, and energize the disciple s quest for that better world while abounding in good works in this one. The book shows how developing such faith is a process, not an event a process that includes overcoming the snares and stagnations that punctuate our life s paths.
Elder Hafen here teaches us how we can again feel movement and find joy in the journey, with both anchor and sail so well set that "the furious wind" that blows "upon the face of the waters" actually hastens us "toward the promised land" (Ether 6:5)

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